What Glimesh Is All About

Let me explain for everyone else who doesn't know or doesn't and understand or has never even heard of the site before, what Glimesh is a place that is utilizes a technology that we might have seen back on Mixer when they were running.

It's called FTL, which means faster in light. It's not faster in light because that'd be impossible, right? But anyways, it's basically sets up your stream. Be viewed by your viewers, and it's like a one to one. So, if you say something your chat hears at, they respond. And it's pretty much real time interaction between you as a live streamer and your audience.

So that's just a thing that is being utilized by Glimesh yes, is a very tiny site compared to the likes of YouTube, Twitch and Trovo. We're not even going to bring Facebook into a mix here, but what it does have is has a very dedicated community that does a lot of the live streaming on the service.

And yes, some of them, including myself, multi-stream to other platforms and services as well. So, you'll have a few most of the people that more likely stream on Glimesh do stream them. Just on Glimesh itself, they have cultivated a community within this platform, this service.

Okay, so we're look at the stream right now. Of course, it gets the, the infinity mirror type effect, but I paused it, so we don't get that far. You have basically what you normally see in a live streaming service is your live stream itself with a chat unknown, right? And if you have any kind of like about.

Messages or links and whatever have you on here, that'll be showing up. You also have your generic chat rules that are here from, or they're default. So, these are what you would normally see in Twitch or Trovo and stuff like that. It's modeled after a typical live streaming service.

There's not much more, because it's not a jack of all trades, master of none. They're more focused on making sure that they had they are a live streaming service and as Glimesh grows or continues to function, they'll make some improvements here and there to make sure that as a live-streaming service they can better make sure.

That their viewers and streamers themselves have a better experience within their site. And the people who run, or the person who runs Glimesh has made it known that they are not competing against likes a Twitch or YouTube or Trovo. They're more here to do their own thing. And that is it. So, if you want to go ahead, check how Glimesh and see how your experience aligns with your live streaming journey.

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