Trovo Box Hunter Problems

There is a really growing problem within Trovo streamer sphere, called treasure boxes. And the problem is box farmers are causing streamers some discomfort and many are outright are leaving the platform. Now, why is this happening? When treasure boxes were first introduced several months ago, a year ago. It was to help discover or help streamers get their streams out there to a wider audience for a little bit of money that you can put in. The question was you will get a lot more viewers on your channel? Well, then what happened is that over time, a cultural shift, fundamentally changed where your viewers were no longer interacting with your stream. Where all they were coming in for was a click on the treasure boxes to enter a chance to win. Whatever you had put in there to begin with. And Trovo was trying or is still trying to figure out the system and make it more, you know, easier and, better for everyone involved, Trovo streamers, everyone, and chatters as well.

The problem is, is that. It is still a growing problem. That treasure box abuse is still taking place and box farmers have grown exponentially where all you are seeing within a large group, or a large majority of streams are just chat bot notifications that people are clicking on a box and you get entered, or a string of texts gets put into it. There is really no interaction between streamers and a chat and viewers, unless you have a tight knit community you had grown previously or during the treasure box era. What it is, is that Trovo is measuring and trying to combat this is causing more strife with streamers by changing certain elements of the Trovo 500 program, which is like a partnership program for streamers to earn reoccurring monetary gain on their streams by streaming a substantial portion of the time and gaining increased viewers with watch hours accumulated over time. Now, this is a very highly competitive program where if you are getting more views from a, let us say English and non-English speaking populations. Let us say you are a north American US-based streamers streaming in English, but most of your viewers are coming from, Russia or are non-English speakers.

What is going to happen is Trovo is going to move you into a different segment of the Trovo 500 program where your competition is greater than what it was than where you were before, which is causing streamers to have to spend more money, to put in higher stakes on a treasure box to get that return on investment, but they are having to stream more hours and more days just to stay as competitive as they were before. Where it is on a losing battle with what is happening is that because of this? Many north American or English-speaking streamers are becoming disillusioned with Trovo by streaming less, completely abandoning the treasure box system, or completely abandoning the platform altogether by going to Twitch or just giving up streaming altogether, which is a big problem because Trovo is a small platform within the streaming platforms, let us say like YouTube or Twitch or even Facebook or anything else. The problem is, and I keep saying the problem is a lot of issues going on with this is that Trovo must figure something out and the avenues that they are creating, or they are going down with trying to figure this out is not making what many considered a to be their bread and butter, which are the streamers, the creators themselves.

They are losing the ball. They are focused more on gaining the more monetary items from treasure box users and box farmers then actually taking care of the community first. Now I say community because a lot of the people or I should say, instead of people, there are streamers and the community at large, within Trovo have put up some options that Trovo could take to help stem the tide of people leaving the platform because the English speaker, north American audience and streamers are only 10% are around a 10% mark of the entire population of Trovo itself. It is a tiny minority, of streamers. Now what is going to happen is that if that segment disappears entirely or gets, seems smaller, it would be a lot harder for other streamers coming into the program or into Trovo to be known as a breakout hit or anything like that. So, one thing that the community has discussed or has put forward to, you know, as suggested to Trovo is making discovery boxes locked to your region. Let us say the green program or in the north US English-speaking community, have treasure boxes, that only go for that and had treasure boxes only in the purple area. It is to combat the abuse, to try to lessen the damage that has been growing with the box farmers and all that nonsense that has been going on for a year now, also. Another suggestion was removing treasure boxes entirely. The program in of itself is broken. It is something that needs to be fixed. If Trovo wants to continue using it, then they still must find a way to make it profitable for them and a way for discovery feature for the streamers, which treasure boxes were initially put out to help. Another suggestion was limiting boxes to one box run for the entire week.

Now that could be a good middle ground, who knows, but it is to be seen how Trovo wants to go continuing forward and to combating the dangerous culture of box farming on the streamers, because. If a new person comes into the platform and goes into a channel, they are not seeing any chat interaction between the viewers and the streamer themselves. All they are seeing is random generated generic texts or has entered and stuff like that, the viewership is not going to really stick around because there is no interactivity. There is no sense of community going on. And is this click a box, get rewarded is like a gambling system. So Trovo does have a big problem on its hands that it needs to fix in the extremely near future, if it does not. We are going to see the continuing exodus of north American or English-speaking streamers from the platform to other places like Twitch, Glimesh, YouTube or any other platform or the streamers might quit altogether. So, what do you think is the solution with treasure boxes on Trovo?

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