The Monetization Dilemma

The Monetization Dilemma
Photo by Erik Mclean / Unsplash

When a majority of creators start out, the first thing that they focus on is the way of making money. This isn't really a bad thing as everyone likes to earn money to help better their lives but, a great number find the chase of money to be the core impetus of their live streaming or content creation journey. For those that choose to go down this path, they might find the path is extremely difficult and lined with the remains of other failed creators. As they press on there are more and more signs slapped in their faces as this isn’t the way and there is no easy money to be had. Ultimately they fail and begin the Twitter (no, I won’t call it X) postings that places the blame on everything and everyone else. Never realizing that the issue and problem was themselves. 

There are countless YouTube videos from the creator help channels constantly proclaiming the better way for monetization is by taking your time and here’s the most important part, diversifying your income. This is a huge step which many creators still ignore which isn’t that hard to do, as Twitch has pretty much made it ingrained in creators minds that the only way to make money was through Twitch. Which in its own way is something that is quite easy to do. Sending your favorite live streamer money is easy and takes at most two clicks to do. Twitch knows this and feels that for the near future, they really don’t need to innovate or make the creator portions better. There are other platforms that offer better splits for the creators on those platforms but, Twitch commands a large mindshare within the gaming and live streaming population they don’t have to do much for any changes.

For any streamers that are on Twitch already know how difficult it is to adjust their community into using or even thinking about trying a third party service. Even when those other services provide just as useful or in some cases, better. You’ll also receive a much better split of revenue than you’ll ever receive from Twitch and its first party system. The issue is that the process of retraining your community can be very time consuming and then the creator becomes discouraged from using those third party systems and eventually go back to using the built in Twitch system. This is the core foundation of how a creator can get more of their money and requires a lot of patience and knowing that there will be those that will never make the move. 

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