Social Stream Chat Overlay

This is called Social Stream. It's a Chrome browser extension, so you can use it on edge, or I should say any kind of chromium browser. That means Chrome, Edge, and Brave. You can use it on Firefox as there is a way that you can download the extension to be able to be used on Firefox. Let's go ahead, look at it. Let me go ahead just show you what I'm talking about here.

As an extension, you have the little button here showing that it's online, and what you want to do is be logged into the different platforms that you're streaming to. For, let's say for the top three, YouTube, Twitch, and Trovo logged in, I have the tabs open for that, I'm just going to go ahead and click on this link. You can take this URL and put it into OBS as a dock and have it set up as instead of just one channel’s chat, you're going to have all of them in one spot. As you see, there's nothing here. So let me go ahead and simulate an active chat room. Now, what you would have to do is also have each of the streaming platforms tabs open. It's not enough. What you must do is pop out the chat room itself. Social Stream reads the chat from the services that you're streaming to, into one very awesome window that you can keep track of and it's all three services within one easy to use window.

Now some of you might have noticed a few things here. You can also capture Discord chat, Slack, Telegram, and WhatsApp will show up here and be pushed into your on-stream chat as well as everything else. There are all these different styling options here. You can hide the source icon. if you don't want people to realize, oh, it's the messenger coming from a different platform to be obvious. Yeah, but that's just an option that you can use as well. You can do horizontal scrolling messages, so they'll go on the very bottom in a horizontal ticker type style. You can also do a dark mode; light mode add unique color to names if available. You can also have messages fade in, hide messages after 20 seconds and they fade out when hiding.

You can also set up different behavior, increased messages, history to 200. So, in case you want to go back, you can see the last 200 messages. You can take out the HTML from messages and donations, all sorts of different things that you can do here. And the same thing for the feature chat overlay options is you can show the source icons or have them hidden. It's completely up to you and how you go about setting this up. You can round edges or fade in and out. Now you can also change colors of the comments or backgrounds or the fonts or background color of the fonts or the name I should say. You also have auto reply to “hi” messages. There is a lot of stuff that is available for you to integrate multiple platforms within your stream.

There is also a floating chat overlay for the onscreen chat, so that makes things a lot easier for to do some customizable things as well. You can change the sizing and all that stuff. Featured chat showcases a single chat message to appear as an overlay within your stream. It’s excellent for doing a podcast or a talking head segment, or if you're doing just a chatting stream and you would like to showcase someone’s comment.

Now of course you don't have to use this with multi-streaming. You can be streaming to one platform and still be able to use this if you want to bring the feature chat option or if you want to have the onscreen chat. Social Stream is a great option for any kind of live-streamer or content creator that wants to add chat interaction onto their live-stream.

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