Reimaging an Independent Creator's Podcast: A Journey towards Evolution

Reimaging an Independent Creator's Podcast: A Journey towards Evolution

In the past weeks, we have had fun exploring and learning together in Independent Creator's podcast session. We have navigated a variety of topics and engaged in exciting conversations. However, like everything in life, we are evolving, both as an association of independent creators and as a platform. So, I felt it might be a good idea to share some upcoming changes that will shape the path we take in the future.

A significant transformation we will be adjusting in episode structure. Our focus will slightly deviate from our typical three-story structure. Instead, we'll delve deeper into one specific topic, offering you more focused and thorough coverage. Although this means fewer topics per episode, rest assured that this new direction aims at delivering more comprehensive, engaging, and insightful discussions, ultimately enriching your listening experience.

We are also considering bringing in people to our platform who are actively involved in the independent space or the alternative platform space. We envisage stirringly candid and informative sessions where they share their experiences, ideas, and ongoing projects, thus enhancing the diversity of our podcast. However, this won't be a regular feature in every episode, but a special event, keeping the element of surprise alive.

On another note, an essential part of our evolution is breaking down the barrier between digital platforms and their end-users. To fulfill this goal, I've resolved to focus more on platforms such as Mastodon, Blue Sky, and Guilded, among others. I intend to explore these platforms extensively and bring to you nuanced discussions about their functionalities, advantages, and even the challenges they pose.

Furthermore, we will be having biweekly episodes instead of weekly ones. This two-week period allows time for weaving stories and discovering new platforms and experiences to share with you. So, starting next, expect each episode to be live every other week, carrying our continued quest and curiosity into the fascinating world of independent creators.

Aside, from sharing all these changes, I encourage you to sign up on, our burgeoning community. It is a space designed particularly for you, branching out into content creation, indie game development, and more. Meanwhile, our interaction isn't just limited to this site and You can also keep abreast of our updates, activities, and discussions through our presence on top podcast platforms, Bluesky, as well as our dedicated forums.

These changes within Independent Creator's Podcast align with the goal of continued growth and adaptation, to not merely bring you the best podcast episodes but also to shape a community of content creators. Come along on this evolving journey as we explore and learn and make this experience our own.

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