Maximizing Your Guilded Potential

Maximizing Your Guilded Potential

So what this video is gonna be about is an overview of Guilded and its features, especially for content creators and live streamers, and how to help them grow their channels and their communities, most notably within Guilded itself. So let's go ahead, and take a look at what Guilded has to offer for content creators and live streams.

So the first thing that you're gonna see here is we have our test server. If you missed how we created this, I will have a video in the description or nothing. Ease up above to help show you or show you how to create your own server. It's very straightforward, it's very easy. But what this actually is is that this is going a great test bed so we can mess things up.

And do not worry about doing us on a live server. It is live well, one that no one really knows about, just like the rest of my servers, Oh continuing on. So how does Guilded help? You as a content creator? One thing is with collaboration, what would you mean, what do you mean by that? The best way to explain that is to actually show you, now I have this here a calendar unknown.

It's amazing, it's innovative. But the thing is that you can add onto this with what's called scheduling. So let me go ahead, and show you a schedule. So I'm gonna go ahead and create a schedule section.

All right, so let's say you have your community and you want to invite other creators or people within your community to help collab with a project that you want or a video or anything that you wanna work on. The best way you can do that is by setting up and. A section within your own server. Now I have it said here and unfortunately I don't have any other people, so it's difficult, but I'll try to get what I'm gist of what I'm trying to tell you here.

So you have your schedule and the best way you can do it's like with any kind of scheduling software are you wanna check, all right, I'm available between 11:00 AM. And 7:00 PM That's quite a long time. Now, as you see here, a little popup has come up. It says, creates an event. What you can also do is have other people come in and say I'm available between 12 and three, so you can set a time that you guys can come together.

Do a live stream or set up a time to record a video for your project or whatever. So what you can also do is click on where it says Create event between 4:00 PM or let's say between say three. Oh no, you gotta say three and four.

So what this is gonna do is open up a new window. You go ahead and title this. This is a title if you can.

Now you can also set up a calendar channel that you have already selected. So you can have other people within any community say, oh, I want to take a look at that when you guys are doing that live stream or something. So you can set that up. Your time and date are already prepopulated. You can set this up as a reoccurring, so you can do it like every day once a week, every.

Or you can do a custom route every other week. You can do this, you can do a location in my house. You can also set up a URL, so if you have a Twitch Stream or own cast live stream, you can set the URL for other people that are interested in this part. In the event, you're gonna set the u the domain, or maybe not the domain, but the URL here as well.

And you can also put in a description very descriptive on the description. And one, other thing you can also do, is like help organize. For different events that you have going on, you can color code them. So let's say live streams. Let's go ahead and have 'em purple because they're on Twitch.

Just because Twitch's brand colors are purple. So let's go ahead. Hit create so it automatically opens up the event within the calendar, so you can go ahead. People RSVP to it. You can invite other people to it. Say, Hey, oh, I wanna actually have this person come in and join us as well. And you can go ahead, and search for members within your community and invite, give them an invite link to this particular event.

Now, you can also have where it says chatting. You notice that, right? So let's go ahead and view.

So you can stream within your own event on your own server. So like it says here, we automatically create this thread for events 15 minutes before they begin, so you can discuss anything related to your event in real-time. They will archive once the event is over. So there we are. And it says streaming will be available 15 minutes before the event, or as soon as the discussion starts, which is a great thing because you have your schedule so that you can collaborate with other people in your community.

You can create an event from that schedule. And from that event, from within the calendar, you can go ahead, and start up a stream within your own Guilded server. You pretty much have everything within one particular spot without including third-party bots or outside sources. That's all built into the Guilded infrastructure that is your server, and it's all for free.

You don't have to pay extra for this stuff. Now, the only thing that you can do, I shouldn't say can be for free, depending on the server owner. You can set up a sub, you can set up your own subscription tiers, and then you can log stuff behind a subscription tier. But everything else, cross-server emotes, animated emotes, unlimited emotes unlimited servers that you can join.

High-quality voice chats all for free. You don't have to pay for it. At all

all right? So as you see, as you saw, if there's a discussion started, we can go ahead and start up a stream. I'm not gonna go ahead and do that because It's gonna cause some weird issues and stuff like that because I'm recording and streaming and yeah, let's not play, let's not be dangerous here, but you can see the capability, and the possibilities that are available to you within Guilded itself.

Alright, so let's go ahead. We are done. Let's go back to it. Calendar here. Now I wanna create another event. All right? All you gotta do is find a date that you want. Click the plus sign on that date. There you go. That's the same window that we saw earlier creating. Let's go ahead and let's say 10 30. Yep, that sounds good.

Text there. Let's have it cuz it's going. Got Twitch. Let's check out the advanced tab here. This actually is a pretty cool feature you can allow or disallow rsvp, which that means that other people within your community are capable of RSVP to your event. Let's say you went to. Post up your live streaming schedule.

So let's say I stream Mondays and Wednesdays. You can post up which day and what you're gonna be talking about, what game you're gonna be playing, and you want people to rsvp. Say if you are playing Overwatch and you wanna say, please rsvp if you want to join me and play some games in, within Overwatch, near my live stream.

So you can do that here. You can also limit attendance. Let's say this is something that is an event that happens in real life at a location in the real world. I know, right? Weird. You only have enough seats, so let's say 20 people. So if you can go ahead with that and we're going to do 20 people can only come to this particular event and you have to rsvp.

You can also restrict roles. What that means is to specify the roles that can attend the event. So let's say mods only, I'm only I, this is an event that for my community mods and we're gonna get together and have a great time at Dave and Busters or something. I don't know. Whatever you guys do. You also have a fill out the form upon rsvp.

So it requires attendees to fill out a form upon r svp, and you can create that form. Right here, it opens up another window. So you can have a form built in to help facilitate your event creation and keep things organized on how people are coming to your events. So this is mostly for like I said, life events or if you want to have a small private event that is only available between certain roles or a certain amount of people that you want to invite.

So I'm gonna go ahead and hit cancel on the net. You can also add a pole. You can build a pole right within this event. It's awesome. So you can also have it that none of this is available and you don't even need to worry about the events and just go ahead, let's create a new one. Boom. There it is. So if you just hover, if you just click on the title of this, it gives you a small little popup of what this event is and who's going, if there's an RSVP list or anything like that, it gives you that information.

And also the description. The description, yeah. I just have random keystrokes. But you get the idea right Now. Another thing that you can do to keep your. The community organized as a content creator or a live streamer is if you have documents, like if you have a script or a dis video description that you use all the time, great way to do that is to have a document section

there. It. Let's say the title YouTube stuff, is tough stuff. Go ahead. Hit Create. So what you can do here is click on Create Doc or Create a Doc. This is a YouTube description. Template. Now I have one that I use a lot as well. Let's see. Lemme go ahead with this.

All right, so ha I'm copying and past. A template that I'm, I have in Microsoft Word, so I can paste it in here. Now I know it comes up with these embeds, so let's just go ahead and get rid of those. Cause we don't need that. They are not gonna transfer over to YouTube. You.

There we go. So you can use this as a template for your YouTube videos that you can always come back to and keep organized instead of having to type out the same thing, cuz all you have to do is replace the front, the first part here for your videos. So if I want to go ahead and have this added, get published.

I wanna go back to my listing and it shows you right here a YouTube description template. And you can do this with any kind of template, any kind of document that you wanna keep in your organization inside the particular Guilded server that you have for your community. Now, you don't need to have this be public facing you.

If you wanna keep this private as I showed you, you can have it set up. No one can see this particular documentation, so you can have it denied so no one can see it,

and when no one can see it, only you can see it. So that is a great feature that you don't need, like I mentioned prior, you don't need a third party bought or system or anything like that. It's all built-in within Gild.

Now, hold on.

Now, another thing you can do as well here is that a lot of people have the capability for downloading their clips, let's say from Twitch, where you use a service called firm Metal, which installs on your computer to automate. Takes clips, or you can set it up to hit a key and it makes a clip for you.

What you can also do is set yourself up within a media folder to organize, and keep track of all the clips that people can actually also submit clips that they made of your streams or your videos or anything like that, all within this one particular section.

So I'm gonna go ahead and add this to my. And depending on how you have set up your server, anyone can do this. Any member of your community can do this as well.

So I'm gonna go ahead and add that in as you can title that. You can also put a description, which is awesome because the great thing with Guilded, especially with media stuff, Go ahead, pause. That is that you can title this, you can have set reactions, you can share it, and you can post a comment. Comments live are actually embedded within or are part of your media submission that you did.

So you don't have to worry about posting a clip or a picture or anything like that, and then having people talk about it, and then it just scrolls away. To wherever and it gets lost underneath. Or here you have the capability to leave a comment and that comment is added to that particular post, and it shows you here that, Hey, this particular item has a comment.

Now, like I said, you can have this set up as a, let me go ahead and retitle this clip storage.

So now any member of your community and yourself can add yours. From your live streams and your videos here, no problem. And you have the control and capability. If someone puts in something that's not supposed to be there, you can move it to where it's supposed to be by easily clicking on three dots, moving to a different channel,

and of course, not showing up because I don't have another media server or another media section.

So there you go. And then you can also share it or you can also copy the media link. So what that means is if I go here, I can share it within my own server or another place and it has and takes your right back to that particular item.

Now you can also go to share it within your Guilded, much better in bed or a better way to do it. This is there are two different ways you can do it. So you can go ahead, put it in general, say look at this. Awesome.

And posted up in general. There it is. So there are two different ways you can do it. You can go about it, getting the link, and you can share that on your Twitter, mastodon, or any other place, any other server that you want to as well. So the options are pretty much unlimited to how you can share material that has been shared within your own server, outside of this server, and also inside it as well, or other servers as well.

All right, so we got the clip storage. We got our events, we got everything else that we're looking for is keeping ourselves organized. We already showed you how to do that with the scheduling. With the calendar, creating events, and collaborating with other people within the event, you can set up your own stream that you can start within your server.

So if you wanna do a let's say a members-only night where you want to go over certain things or talk with your moderators to set up a time to do a live stream within your Guilded server, between you and your mod team or your staff team, whatever, however, you wanna call. So those are just the basic options that are available to you within your Guilded server that are completely free for any server owner, any member of your community is quite possibly the best thing that you can ask for, and that is the best way you can get this moving is to share it amongst the other people that you know, your friends, family your neighbors, your gaming clan, or anything like that.

This is perfect for setting things up for your gaming clan, and your gaming community. If you're a content creator or a live streamer, it checks all the boxes for everything.

Go back to this camera now. Excuse me. What you can also do is also leave a comment down below in this video to let me know if I missed anything or if you have any other comments or suggestions or complaints. I'm open to all kinds of discussion. So go ahead, leave 'em in the comment down below.

And also be sure to hit that follow button on, or not the follow button, but it says subscribe button here on. To help increase the number of subscribers, we're almost 10 what is it? 10? No, yeah. 10% of the way there. Also, our link to our own community server on Guilded is in a description down below.

Go ahead, join our community, and let's get this discussion started. Now, next time we're gonna talk about different things, I'm just gonna leave this part outta the video because it doesn't make sense.

Now if you also wanna know how to start your own server within Guilded, I have a video that'll pop up right there that you can also click on and learn more about creating your own Guilded server for your own community. Go ahead, and click on it right there.

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