Local vs Cloud Based Chat Bots

Welcome to another episode. Our second one actually. Number two is the big two. The big is zero two. Tonight we're gonna be talking about the local versus cloud-based chat bots that are pretty much everywhere that you can use on all the platforms like Twitch, YouTube Trovo, Glimesh pretty much everywhere. So that's what we're gonna be talking about tonight. So let's actually dig into the differences between, or what the pros and cons really of each one. As you would expect, there is pros and cons from using a local, which I mean by local is something that is a chat-bot that's installed on your computer. That's what I mean by local versus a cloud-based chat-bot, which is as you would think, Installed on the cloud or on the internet somewhere on another computer, thousands of miles away. But what is the difference, or is there a difference between the two? Actually there is one of 'em. One of the big advantages, oh, let's just go ahead with the local based chat-bot.

Having a locally installed chat-bot on your computer means that there is a little bit more functionality that is available to you in order to make custom commands or channel point red redemption or anything like that, that you can chain together with different things and have delays and stuff that is more akin to a real time based chat-bot. Now the disadvantage of this is that, You have to start it whenever or before you go live or whenever you want to create content, you have to have that chat-bot or chat-bot actually up and running, ready to go before you hit go live. Most of the times it will be okay if you start it up after, cuz it ill connect to your streaming service of choice, whatever you decide.

Whether Twitch or YouTube or Trovo or Glimesh. So that's just one of the, one of the different things between the two. Another thing is something happens to your actual computer and you forgot to make a backup. All of your settings and all your custom designs are gone pretty much. If you have a hard drive failure that your local chat bot was installed on just dies and you don't have a backup. You don't have any elements and you have to start from scratch all over again. And that is a major deal breaker with a lot of people that are wanting to have a chat-bot. They're wanting to have something that is more peace of mind. And a lot of the times with a local based chat-bot, let's say fire bot or mix it up, or even a Tim you have to understand the, what's called a I'll say if the, if this, then that kind of mentality because you have to have what happens if someone posts a link or not a link, but a chat command and your Twitch chat, what's going happen is that your bot will see that and it'll trigger so, To, post up a like fireworks or some message, like a shout out command in your chat.

So there's all different things that you can do with a local based machine, or, not local based chat-bot or a locally installed chat-bot. And one other things is that you can instantly. From files from your computer, you can do like a a death counter. Let's say you're playing Sea of Thieves, for example, and you wanna show how many galleons you sunk.

So you can have a little counter in the upper corner showing it has a picture of a galleon icon with a dash, and then a number that is relative to. Your current score of how many you've sunk. You can do that by having it. From a local text file on your computer that is constantly updated if when you hit a command on your stream deck or somebody, one of your moderators or yourself type in like exclamation point Galleon plus one, so I'll add another number or.It ticks that mark up from like one to two or three or four, depending, whatever. So that's also another advantage of having a locally installed chat bot. You can do a lot of different cool things with it that normally you might not see or be is provided by the cloud-based ones.

Now I did mention fire bot, mix it up, and aitum. Those are the major chat-bots that you can actually go out. install. There's others. You got Sammy, you got streamer bot, and there's, I think there's one other. I think those are the ones that I'm gonna focus on for right now. So out of these five, you have a good selection of choosing a chat-bot.

Now the difference is all these have a focus on Twitch. Now, let's say I'm a YouTube. . There's really, I don't, there isn't anything that I can use. Currently as the moment of this being recorded to have a chat-bot for YouTube live streaming, unfortunately that's because it's just Google and this and YouTube of releasing APIs into the developer's hands and actually letting them work and trying to get all this taken care of. Because I've seen some grumblings because there are some beta. With mix it up and now Aitum is added support for YouTube, but on a testing basis. So it's not really out in the public right now. It's on it's behind the scenes being tested, but they're being rate limited by as many as as testers that they have.Is that's the only people that they can add into it because YouTube has this weird. I'm not gonna say old style of way of thinking, but it's YouTube, it's everything. How they set up their API and their access to it, to developers is it's on them. So we'll keep it with that.

But the one thing that I can see for having a local chat-bot is that if you're with Twitch and you have live streaming on Twitch, you have a wide plethora of options available to you from like channel points, redemption's, different setups that you can use from all of these chat-bots. It's. It's all dependent on how comfortable you feel on their UI and how they go about and creating the rule sets or different triggering options that you have available now for cloud-based, you actually have a little bit more options as well.

You're not gonna have access to a lot of the options that you have for locally. You do have options for streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Trovo and Glimesh using a cloud-based chat-bot. One of them is Nightbot. This is pretty much like the it's an old chat-bot. It's been around for a long time, it's not, archaic in any way, but it has a capability of being a dedicated chat-bot for Twitch and YouTube, and I believe Glimesh as well.

Okay, so with Nightbot you can actually use it with Twitch, YouTube, and Trovo. So you have no problem there. It doesn't work for Glimesh, but Glimesh does have its own chat-bot with through Oatybot or Glimboi, or some options as well with pixel Chat. So you do have some options if you're streaming on the Glimesh website. Now, I wanna mention also with cloud-based, you don't have the problems that if your computer is destroyed or a fire or a hard drive crash or any kind of hardware issues, you don't have to worry about because it's all your information, all your commands. Everything that you've worked on is saved in the cloud on another server, and those are backed up to redundant places.So you have the peace of mind that your commands and everything else is set up, ready to go. All you gotta do is log into the service and put a browser source within obs or Ecamm or anything that you use, and you have your chat, bots, interactions ready to go at pretty much on a moment's notice.

You don't have to download, install, sign in. You don't have to worry about that. It's all ready to go now. There are some caveats though. You don't really have the integration between your chat-bot and stuff on your computer because it, there is no real connection there. All, you're just communicating with a website and that website is pushing on notification or commands to Twitch's or YouTube's live feed or live chat. So you don't really have the custom. that you will get with a locally installed chat bot. Now some might say that's okay. I really could care less. But other people now are, that is important to these people that are wanting, these very interactive customization because that is what their audience or their community has learned to work with or has grown accustomed with.

It's something that you have to figure out what you want to go and how future proofing that you want to be, but, or if you just wanna start streaming and you want some basic chat, a timers that'll let people know, Hey you can follow me over on Macon or Twitch or, not Twitch, but Twitter or Facebook if you use.but you could have those simple commands no problem. And a couple of those local not local but cloud-based chat-bots, like I said, is nightbot. There's pixel chat, there's Oatybot for Glimesh there. You can use it for on stream labs. They have the capability there. Y'all can also have the capability for stream elements.Stream labs and stream elements has a little bit. What's the word? A higher functionality that they offer a little bit more customizable. It's customization for your chat interaction. Like you can have, same thing with pixel chat, because you can have onscreen alerts that will come up. So they're more of a cloud-based chat bot.

Plus, if you want to think about, it's a little bit more it's not the light version, it's the regular if you want, if you wanna think about it that way. With the cloud base, again, like I said, you don't have to worry about hardware fail, hardware failure on your end. It's as simple as going to, let's say, stream elements logging in with either your Twitch or your YouTube.

If you, whatever, however you set up your account, that's what you wanna log in with and all of your inf information, all your chat commands and everything is all. Ready to go. You don't have to do anything. You even have customized not customized, but you have a pre-built command. It's like the magic eight ball or a music player request or a cue that you know, you have viewers.If you're, let's say you're playing Overwatch or Fortnite, and. Your community to join in a queue for a next match to play with you. They have that capability ready to go. Now there are some different abilities depending on the platform that you stream on, again, with the stream elements. Example, if you stream on Twitch, you have a large amount of commands and different features and modules that you can use.

Now, if you. On YouTube, you're gonna have a little bit less, because again, as I said, YouTube API is a little bit more restrictive. They haven't really opened up a lot of different things that developers can take advantage of, but I'm hoping that will change in the coming year or two, hopefully sooner. So you're not gonna have, a Player Q system, you're not gonna have the different commands for, you don't have, you don't have a loyalty store or anything like that. You do have like your magic eight ball, music request and stuff like that. And any commands, custom commands that you have set up. But that's, and you also have, there are some on-screen alert. that are dedicated to Super Chats or somebody became a new member or a new subscriber and stuff like that. It's just, it's a little bit more I'm not gonna say bare bones because there's still, there's a lot of meat on that bone.

For YouTube, not as much as there is available to Twitch now. Like I said, that is probably gonna be changing in the coming year or two. that things will start opening up. More modules will come online. So there is a a great option of using cloud-based chat-bots. I keep harp 'em because you don't have to worry about installing a program and updating it because all that stuff is done on the back end.You don't have to worry. Dealing with now, making sure is my software up to date, are is everything all connected that I started up before I started up o, BS, or e cam? No, it's just, it is just start up your coding software and just go live or start recording. It's really up to you. . There are a couple things that some people can do with like I say with stream elements, cuz I wanna say with stream elements.There is a lot that have people have done. There are people that within their Discord server have set up a templates, I should say, [00:14:00] and that you. Download or you can copy what they've accomplished to have a little bit more of a flare that you can use for your chatbot. Now you can use also APIs from like fun sites. There's scorpbot they have a site that you can use that pulls API or you can pull an. Request from their website for a dad joke. All you can do is put in exclamation point, dad joke or whatever you have, set it up for that command trigger and it shows like a dad joke within your chat or advice or the local weather or anything like that.

You can also do that with your locally. Chap up. It's the same process there as well. So it's just a little more involved because you have to, create, no, shouldn't say more involved because it's pretty much almost the same thing. You're creating command put in the a p I call or the domain, or not the domain now, but the u URL of that A P I call and then trade or save it. So it's pretty much almost one to one. There is a few things that you might have to add to the. Locally installed, we had to make sure that it says it's pulling an API request. It's not just a chat command or insert text within a chat bot. So it's just one of the different things where you have to learn and different options that are available to you with.Cloud based and a locally installed chat-bot. So that's just one of the things that you have to think about when you're deciding to start your live streaming or content creation journey is did you actually want to go this route of installing something and making these all these complex, complicated?

Onscreen displays of interactivity that your potential community and viewers will have fun with? Or do you wanna start it out with just a simple shout out social media advertisement, promo, advertisement and stuff like that? Do you wanna start with the basic? That's just something that is something that you have to actually make the choice with, and you're not stuck with, oh, I can only do this.You can. Copy and paste all your stuff from one bot to another. It's no problem. It's just you have to put in a work that's all. So you're not stuck with, oh, I'm on stream Elements, so I'm gonna be using might be some time in the future. That stream elements might go out of business. Same thing, stream labs or night bot.It's just one of the things that you have to think about that, especially for cloud-based, is if something happens to their funding or anything like, They just might have to pull up and close doors because the money dried up or they can't do us anymore and they don't wanna do it. So that's the caveat for a cloud base.With locally installed, all you have to do is make sure that you're chat-bot is up to date. And he also had the same issue as there. As there as well. We saw the issue come up with a chat-bot that was called Lein Board, that there was a whole bunch of drama and controversy going on between the creator and the community and or the staff members and stuff like that.

I'm not too keen on it, but I do know that what happened is that lo. It's hard word to say, Laine board, blah closed up, or they stopped development on that and started up. Sammy, which is like a 2.0 version or a 3.0 version of it, but it's more. The creator has, the original creator, has no say or has no involvement whatsoever.This is a completely different project. So you do have that issue as well. Something could happen to the chat bot that you have installed on your computer where all of a sudden, developers to say, and now this is too much work. I'm done. I'm closing up shop. Sorry guys. I'm out. And all you, and you have hundreds or thousands of people scrambling trying to figure out what chat-bot.

To go to next and learn how that one works and the limitations and the capabilities of it. So there's a lot of things that you need to worry about, not necessarily all at the same time, but as I like to say, is, take your time. There's, there is no reason to rush. You don't have to go into. One thing and say I'm gonna have to learn everything about it because I ha have to be an expert and this is what I'm gonna do. You can, but it's, you don't have to worry about it, because like I said, you can always move to another chat-bot, whether locally or cloud-based. It's, they're all pretty much the same with different capabilities. But the thing is. It is important to you and how comfortable you feel in using a install program on your computer if you have the hard drive space or if your computer is able to handle it or go with a cloud-based. So your mileage may vary and it's completely up to you and then you can have, customize it to whatever way you want. So it's totally up to you really. If you have any questions or comments, or if you think that I missed something, go ahead. Leave it, leave your comment down below in the comment section. Yeah. I know I say comment a lot. It's one of those things where putting comments on the comment section.

Okay. So yeah, you can also check this out. This video is gonna be on any crater hub. And it's gonna be edited version if you want to join our live studio audience to actually participate and have the ability to participate in the livestream and ask questions and be part of the the recording process. Do be sure to make sure you follow this channel so you can see the next live recording eye duties every other week. So next one is gonna be on the 31st. So like I said, the next live recording is gonna be on January 31st, the last day of the year, or wow, last day is a new month and it's always, and the episodes are gonna be released the week after live recording. And you can also, if you don't want to watch it, you can also listen to it on your favorite podcast Player of Choice. There is. Spotify, apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google Podcast, Stitcher, and of course the RSS feed pockets and stuff like that. And yeah, you can join. You can know, subscribe to. Our pod, my podcast anywhere. So I'd like to say thank you for coming out and enjoying the episode tonight. We're gonna be going for number three next or next time. And number four, after that, it's gonna be a good time going get to that and magical number 10 number. But until that next time, I'll see you later and enjoy your night or your evening or morning. Have a good night.

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