Live Space Founders Discuss Their Vision for the Future of Streaming

Live Space Founders Discuss Their Vision for the Future of Streaming
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This blog post is based on an interview video featuring the founders of the live-streaming platform Live Space, Spencer, and Todd. They participated in a question-and-answer session hosted by streamer OG Goblin. The post aims to summarize the key topics of discussion around the motivation for creating Live Space, its focus on supporting creators, and future goals and vision for the platform. Quotes and perspectives from the founders and host are included to recap the highlights of their conversation for readers. The objective is to inform the community about Live Space's approach while showcasing the passion of those involved through recapiting the interview.

Tonight, live streaming platform Live Space welcomed founders Spencer and Todd for an AMA session hosted by streamer OG Goblin. Live Space differentiates itself from other services by being "made for creators, by creators." Spencer and Todd discussed their motivation for building a platform with a creator-first focus and shared their long-term vision for where Live Space is headed.

Spencer came from a music background, having played instruments since childhood. During the pandemic, he saw many musician friends struggle as in-person gigs disappeared overnight. Existing streaming services presented barriers like minimum streaming hours before monetization. Spencer and Todd wanted to build "a place that I would want to use myself as a creator." 

They emphasized removing barriers and biases that influence viewership, like obfuscating viewer counts. Their goal is fostering communities over boosting individual megastars. Live Space pays an 85% revenue split from the start with no minimum thresholds. 

Inclusivity is also a focus. Todd hopes Live Space becomes a place where all types of diverse creators feel welcome. Moderation aims to curb toxic behaviors while upholding free expression. Ultimately, creators' well-being takes priority over platform profits.

Their long-term vision expand live streaming into new markets like music, sports, and podcasts. Features like co-streaming and creator funding programs aim to support aspiring talent. Interactivity-like subscriber alerts have already been launched with more additions planned. 

Scaling up now involves marketing campaigns while maintaining focus on creators' needs. They welcome continued feedback to build "the best place to be a creator." Multi-platform use is encouraged, whether exclusively streaming on Live Space or using it alongside other services. Platform success relies on communities embracing new creators.

Both founders draw inspiration from determined individuals pursuing their dreams despite obstacles. For Spencer, it's his musician idols and mother who overcame barriers through education. Todd respects anyone committed to their passion regardless of popularity. Their shared dedication to connecting communities through creativity drives Live Space's development.

Diversity of Content

The founders expressed hope to see even more diverse types of live content beyond just gaming. Musicians, comedians, skill-based streams, and everyday activities were mentioned. Fostering this variety helps appeal to wider audiences and allows anyone to share their creative passions. 

Supporting New Talent 

Programs like the current "1000 Creators" promotion aim to lower barriers for emerging voices. Opportunities to fund aspiring talents' projects could cultivate underrepresented communities. Early investment maximizes potential growth across the platform.

Building Community 

Viewing others regardless of viewership was emphasized. Live Space encourages connecting over superficial metrics. Multi-creator campaigns and bringing audiences together foster a cooperative environment focused on interests rather than popularity. 

Future Product Features

Additional interactivity like co-hosting streams offers collaboration potential. Customizable moderation and third-party integrations empower individual presentation. Continued accessibility across mediums maintains flexible multi-platform opportunities. Innovation explores untouched areas to expand the life of entertainment online.

Personal Perspectives 

OG Goblin shares his passion for connecting through various creative outlets like music, filming, and gaming. Producing diverse short-form content engages wider audiences. Streaming challenges introduce fun new experiences for communities. Personal goals drive involvement wherever creativity can thrive without constraint.

In summary, Live Space prioritizes empowering all types of creators through an interactive, inclusive environment. Transparent collaboration with early adopters helps fulfill their vision of revolutionizing online entertainment for diverse talents worldwide. With continued community support, Live Space aims to establish itself as the premier destination for creativity online.

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