Exploring Glimesh Mobile App

All right so not only is Glimesh focusing on the viewer interaction and interactivity, but they also want to make sure that they're focusing also on the mobile space. A lot of people who at the beginning were asking the creators of Glimesh, when is a mobile app coming out? Thing is the mobile app has come out it was released earlier this year, and it's available for both iOS and Google Play Store.

I have the Glimesh app set up on iOS, so I'm go ahead and start her up. So, this is what you're going to see when you first start up the mobile app. It's bare bones. Yes, because this was there for many focuses making everything functional. It'll get to that making it pretty later.

But the thing is making sure it works and it works well. Of course, you. Click on the hamburger menu here, an upper left that gives you the version number. You're going to log in. You have your settings you have different settings, you got system theme. You can go light or dark, for those people who have a preference, you can change your language.

You can also bypass meet your content Warning because the nice thing you're on Glimesh is that if you are a content creator or a live streamer that focuses on, being 18 plus, I'm not talking about lude and nudes and stuff like that, but I'm talking about having actual all mature conversations and dialogue and playing games that are not going to be for kid-friendly Bible streams.

So, you set your stream up to have a mature content warning before you even see the stream. So here, within settings, you can go ahead and set that up to be bypass. And of course, you're going to log in so you can have your follow a list and everything all set ready to go. So, I'm not logged in. This is what you'll look like or what it'll look like.

Not what you look like, but you get what I'm saying? So, we'll go ahead. Let's go into the gaming. And again, it's no king maker system here, so I'm just refreshing. The order of streams is constantly changing, so there's nobody that's going to be in the top constantly. So, you have nice thumbnail preview of what has been going on inside that person's stream.

Of course, you have all the tags and everything like that. Unfortunately, you cannot at this moment, the way the app is set up, there is no way to search for ga by games or tags or anything. That is, is on to to-do list. They'll get to those eventually, but for now, they just want to get something out there that is feasible and usable for most people that would like to use the mobile app.

All right so here is a good example of the mature content warning. So, it gives you this warning before you even see the stream. So, if you're like a kid and say, oh, I can't see the stream. I guess I'll go out, but no, I'm going to hit enter. Like every kid does. It's a cya. It's not going to keep kids out, it's just, it'll let you know.

If you're a person that does not want to watch or see or hear any mature kind of things, you want to keep it more kid friendly or family friendly and you want to show it to your children and stuff like that, this is a good option to have on your stream. So, for now, I'm going to go ahead to Greet and View Channel, and hopefully it loads up.

Okay. So, as you can see, be able to view the channel information. Like the chat room, the live stream itself, and perfectly fine as if you were able to see it on the desktop or web browser view.

It's perfectly usable as is to view, interact with that streamer. You have your chat room. Of course, it shows I can't chat because I'm not logged in. So that's the caveat. But you have the same functionality and the anything that you want to use it for, to view a stream on the go. So, if, let's say you're at the DMV and you're not going to go anywhere for the next few days, you're able to watch a stream or your favorite streamer here on Glimesh, no problem through your phone until your phone dies.

Hopefully you have it. Bring a power bank and if you're at the DMV and doing this good luck. We'll see you on the other side, but. All jokes aside, the mobile app works perfectly as is a good avenue. It's a good first start for Glimesh and get into the mobile space to get people be able to view their streams, their streamers with their phones.

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