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Hey, welcome to the Cliche Crow. I am your host 2TonWaffle, and what we are going to be doing is talking about everything the deal within independent creators, content creation platforms and oh and more. So, if you want to go ahead, hit that subscribe. Right now, on your podcast player of choice, let us get into the meat and potatoes of the episode for today.

Tonight, or today, whatever time-frame you're listening to this. So tonight, we are going to be talking about every platform is decent. Yes, it is decent. I am not going to say one. Twitch is better than Facebook, or Facebook is better in some regards to YouTube. It is like up in the. that, a lot of these platforms, they serve a basic purpose, which is to, facilitate a live streamer or a content creator to do.

Live-stream over the air on that particular platform or service to their audience or potential viewers. And that's basically it. That's all they really are built and designed to do. But the problem is that there are people out there for DEC for the past decade, pretty much since Twitch has been, what almost 10 years, A little bit over 10 years that Twitch is the default.

Answer to live streaming your live-stream entertainment. And there's been other kinds of platforms or services that have been trying to get into the market. Some are working out; they are doing good. Others have let us just say they started with a bang and ended with a whimper. I am talking about Mixer.

I know it's, some people say, oh, it's too soon. You can't talk about Mixer. Mixer is still great. Unfortunately, mixer, this is what, two, two to three years, almost, let's say two and a half years, that Mixer has been shut down by Microsoft. They had. Presented a new way of thinking of doing live streaming and certain avenues, but they were plagued by mismanagement and overspending.

So, what happened is that Microsoft's says, cut the money train and it and Mixer broke up with every live streaming content creator over a. just one day says, hey, you got a month and a half to deal with this and find a new home and good luck. See ya. We are out. But other than that, it has been just Twitch.

YouTube has actually been, it's. Somewhat in the market of live streaming. They have their own YouTube game. They had a YouTube gaming app where you can stream to the YouTube of your live streaming game-play, whatever you are doing, and they will be showing up in a separate app. YouTube killed it, but they never really got rid of the live streaming aspect.

They just moved everything into the room. Overarching YouTube banner and experience. There have been some other smaller ones. Players that had come up. We had D Live. It is still kicking, but there are so many controversies with Bitcoins and who owns it, who is taking the money, who is doing this, and they change from one system of cryptocurrency to another.

And it's now, this has become this mishmash of whatever, but it's still around for what it. It's there. It is not going to be beating the likes of Twitch and YouTube. And we also have Facebook. Facebook is Facebook. That is why we are going to leave it. They started up just as mixer.

Around the same time a mixer started up, or whenever Microsoft bought Beam and turned it into, or change a name into Mixer and change a couple things. So, Facebook has been in the live streaming of gaming for a couple of years now, but they are hands off. They are not doing much. Advertising of it.

They're not pushing it as hard as they could have. It's just more of a, it's like a hobby to them. It's just oh, it's this fun little thing off to the side. Yes, we will just give you like 20 dollars and let you go to a store and find something nice to buy. And that is it. That is Facebook concisely.

Few people do it and then they are very high. Restrictive on the music. Like you cannot, not even like gaming the game sounds and music within game can get your live streams taken down or you have restrictions on them. So, it is not really a suitable place for it to be a live streamer.

So, take that with what you will, some of the new up and coming platforms and services. Our Trovo is about, what? Three years? Three, four years? It started out ridiculously small. It is still minor compared to the likes of Twitch and YouTube. The viewership on Trovo is tiny compared to the others, let us just say the big two.

And a lot of people when they first hear about Trovo, it is oh, it is a twitch, but green and green colors. It is yes. because you cannot really change the formula of how a live streaming platform looks. You can, but there are going to be a lot of confused people about how things work or how things operate.

If you. Don't model or take some influence from the likes of Twitch because like I said, beginning, it's, Twitch has been at the forefront of live streaming for almost, for pretty much a decade. So, Dave worked out how things laid out. You get the live feed, what you are watching, chat is on the right about you or about the channel.

Information is just a scroll down page below of the live feed, and that's pretty much all what a live streaming platform or service is really all about. it is. It is the live feed is the meat and potatoes of the content creator and what they are producing for their audience. So, there are also some other ones besides Trovo.

There's share play that at the time of this recording, it is. Not officially released. They had some private betas of certain streamers that they have allowed access to or set up to do the live streams occasionally. So, they are still like a very I am going to say, it is more like an alpha, not a beta, but speaking of beta, there's also other places like Glimesh.

They are a small, pretty much do-it-yourself type of thing. That is based off what drove mixer using the FTL. Encoding process, processor, whatever you want to call it. This, the system, the gears the person, the man behind a curtain. That is what FTL is. So, their Glimesh is like a a thing on their own.

Clone who also is created along with a couple other people created Glimesh. They have made it known that they are not in it to be competitive. Against the likes of Twitch because at third level, now, in, in the near future, they do not have the infrastructure or the backbone. I should not say the backbone.

Let us just say, let us keep it as the infrastructure to compete. As a one-to-one against Twitch, cuz that is not going to happen. It is their viewership is smaller than even Trovo. And the number of streamers that are on there is smaller comparably to Trovo, but They're there. It is just to be a community to people who want to just, if they want to try out streaming, try on Glimesh.

I have had, I have talked about this in previous videos, on any creator hub that if you wanted to start out streaming and without the pressure of being like always on, you got to get those numbers. Gotta, get it like on Twitch. It is just to have fun, try new things. Just go try it on Glimesh and see how it works.

You can also do multi streaming to any of these services without any problem. The problem is that a lot of people, especially on the Twitch side, since it has been oh, a decade of people has so been so ingrained. The Twitch culture, the culture of itself that, there is the Bleed Purple back in a couple of years ago where it is like this not fanatical, it is one mixer was around and they brought, or they had Ninja move from Twitch to Mixer.

A lot of people say, oh hi. His he has done. No one's going to go to the mixer. That is, that place is stupid. It looks like Twitch, but blue. It has just come on, stop with them, like brand loyalty. Twitch does not care about you. All they care about is how much money you are pumping into their wallets.

But a lot of people are so ingrained within a culture of a platform that they cannot really see that there are potential other places out there. It happens all the time. And so, when someone decides to, even recently, within the past year, the recent moves of some large Twitch live streamers moved from Twitch to YouTube.

It is brought out the pitchforks and the torches says, oh, how dare you. We supported you for years and you just leave us this for the bag. It's yeah, YouTube is paying me a lots of. Move from Twitch to YouTube. You wouldn't? It's no, I'll have the, I have my morals. I'm Twitch all the way.

It's no, you're not. Twitch doesn't care about you. YouTube, these platforms really don't care about you. All they want you to do is to do your live-stream, make them money through subscriptions, bits, donations through their first party services that they. , the live streamer, and that's pretty much it.

They really do not care exactly what you are doing or what platform you are loyal to. For all they care about is just if you are making them money, that is all that, that all matters to 'em. So that is why I say that every streaming platform is decent. There is not going to be you.

A, a rah rah moment of, oh, Twitch is the best, or YouTube is the best. They have their pros and cons for each and every single one of 'em. There's no like upshot really. There might, the scale of what is bad or good is now exceedingly minor compared. Each other. Let us look at YouTube for instance, YouTube has a great, awesome video playback.

If you are watching this right now live, you can, if someone came into this stream on YouTube and it is, oh, I missed the past 25 minutes, then you can go. And watch 25 minutes at one and a half or whatever, increased speed until they move, get up catch up to the live portion. You do not have that on the likes of Twitch.

You do have that on Trovo, but you have to be a sub a certain tier sub on that channel. It is. Site-wide. So, it is I don't really like to push it that way because it is not site-wide you have to it is, you must pay money to get that option. But YouTube is the best with that catch up mental catch system.

And with Twitch, you do not have that if you missed something. You missed it unless look, do a create a clip and most half the time, or I say some of the times that does not work. So, you miss out. If you are not there during an actual, what happened, you miss out.

So, YouTube has that capability that feature that a lot of places do not have. But Twitch has. The cultural mindset of monetization is so ingrained in the cultural zeitgeist of viewers on Twitch. That if, as a streamer, if you do not have the capability or the if you do not have the capability of being an affiliate or a partner people know they will watch you, but they cannot.

they are not going to give you money because even though you have like your tip me at coffee or Patreon or streamloots, sometimes, or most of the time they are, the viewers are not going to go to a third-party site to give you money. They are. Ingrained to see, oh, I can give you bits if you are an affiliate or a partner, or I can sub to you because they do not want to go to an offsite location and go through that, because I am not, do not get me, do not get me wrong.

I am not disparaging anything, anybody. It is just that mindset of, I do not want to go to an offsite, I do not want to do extra clicks to do something. That is, if it is., I can see the button, I can click it and give you money. It was my first party. That is the mindset of many people that are on Twitch.

And Twitch has been what is the word? Like they have that to a perfection with having viewers. Donating or tipping the view the streamers money. So, it is like it is a money stream. It is, they have perfected the system of doing this, that YouTube is taking notes on and is inter implementing these.

Features as well. But it is a slow rollout in trying to get the people that watch on YouTube, they will watch videos or watch live streams to get them to, or get them used to, setting up as becoming a membership which is equal to becoming a sub on Twitch or, the Super chats or anything like that.

And even Twitch is taking notes at somewhat of a not as, good system as YouTube integrating like super chatter, super cheers or whatever they are called on the Twitch side of things. So, there is a lot of back and forth between all these companies, platforms, and services that., they are trying to one up each other which is great, which is perfect for us as content creators, and perfect for viewers and potential community members that this competition is good that I do not know why I can see why I know why a lot of people say.

YouTube sucks because they do not have this, or Twitch is stupid because there is so many ads. I am getting tired of ads. It is okay, I see your point. But they must make money. It is a business. Nothing's going to be free forever. You, especially in the past decade, and especially in the past couple of years it is going to be that you are going to have to see.

They're going to find some way to make money. And if you do not like it, do not use it, or do not watch 'em. Your favorite streamer because they are playing three, or what is it? A minute and a half of ads. Every, or every hour. But they must do what is, I forget., it is every half an hour, because I know as an affiliate, because I used to have an affiliate status on my other, my other account two-one Waffle account that you only get a 30-minute window.

That if you run ads, that pre-rolls be disabled. So, you must run another set of ads, a small number, like 30 seconds or so too. No restart the clock of disabling pre-rolls. And in effect, you get a minute and 30 seconds of ads run within an hour, which sucks because you must do that every 30 minutes because it does not build up.

So, it is there. I wish the ways how they implement is like how YouTube, from what I have seen, cuz I am not a YouTube partner, so I am not in the YouTube partner program, so I do not see the ways of how you can run ads by a scene, what people have shared, what the screens are. You can disable ads completely or run it like pre-roll ads and that is it.

Or have various positions, or you have more control over YouTube than you do on. Twitch is oh, this, if you run ads now, no pre-rolls. If you do not get it, they get mid-rolls and then if you are in the middle of a great, awesome one, once in a lifetime thing and you get hit with an ad.

So, it is just one of those things where the, depending on the actual platform or service, there is really, there's. Major pros from one service over another. The only thing I can think of that might be a, a large pro is your viewership numbers on YouTube. Let us say potential viewership numbers on YouTube is in the billions.

That is because you have. YouTube is integrated in almost every device, every TV console, everywhere. You will be able to watch a YouTube video or live stream. Twitch, on the other hand, is much, much smaller than YouTube. They like to pretend that they are. A big fish in the ocean.

But when you look at the actual numbers, they are, what was it, only in the 25 million? I, my numbers might be wrong on that if I'm wrong, so let me know in the comments and in reviews and stuff like that and is that episode. But yeah, it's much, much smaller than anything else.

And of course when you go down with Facebook is, those numbers are highly inflated. So, we really don't know the actual numbers for Facebook gaming, so I'm not even going to touch that. And then of course you got Trovo and Glimesh, which are even tinier. But those two services have a dedicated community revolving around each other.

Just how Twitch, when they first started, had a small community that revolved around the streamers that stream to that service. So, it's just one of those things is that if we can't say, you must stream on this platform, if you want to make it in this world and in this business, I can't say that.

Other people really can't say that, even though they say, if you want to go with these numbers, do this stream here. Cuz we really don't know the numbers and everything else. The experience is so different depending on what you're streaming. The niches you're streaming or you're working in, creating content with, don't have a formula that if you do X plus Y, you get Z or Z depending on where you're at. So, you must do the lead work on your own. You must do the experimentation on your own. If you want to try out Twitch, go ahead, but I'm most of us. are into space that look in these different platforms and services and alternative places as well.

We see if you're playing Fortnite, you're not really going to make it unless you're like somebody that's on an eSports team or someone that's like God tier with play style that is unmatched anywhere. Unless you have another, have, unless you have a community elsewhere that you can bring in, Twitch is not the best place to start.

Even Twitch in recent places, I did not even mention this is TikTok. TikTok has been experimenting with live streaming capabilities, but that is a whole nether issue because that is so volatile. False flagging reports that get your channel, your live stream band or anything like that. It's, they're not they're not able to be considered a live streaming hub that people should go to.

The quality there is very far in between of like sand of sand particle. So, I, that's why I didn't bring it up, that it doesn't really count, but if you wanted to think about it, the best place to do is to create content. I know you have heard this from many different people. The best place to do your content is YouTube and TikTok, because I would lean heavily on YouTube because you can do your short form content.

You can also do your live streaming, and you can also have your long form which your videos, your edited videos and stuff like that. So, I would heavily utilize a YouTube TikTok infrastructure and how you get you. Your name out there if you want if you are profoundly serious about this and you are not doing this for a hobby.

If you're doing it for a hobby, just ignore everything and just do whatever you want. You do. You boo. But if you want to try doing this as a hobby or as a brand that's what I would suggest. And I know that's what I'm parroting what a lot of other people are saying as well. So, the the experience and.

And suggestions are exactly what they are to be, to be followed as you can see the success of other people. Even if you start small and your growth is genuinely like slow, that's awesome. Just keep at it because many parts or many times that someone has starts slow suddenly.

It's huge. Rocket goes up and then what happens is that the plateaus and then, and there's a huge drop and they really can't get their head around that huge drop and. Thinking, what the hell happened? What did I do? It's just nothing that they'd done. It's just that for some reason, whatever they did, their content, something went viral, that all sciences picked up a vast number of viewers and impressions.

They don't really understand why what happened. So that drop off hurts some that it it's oh I'm a failure. What? I was riding high and I'm. And then they stopped streaming and that's it. So my suggestion is to just try to find a place that you think that you can, try it out.

Give it like three months, six months, and to see how the experience affects you, how you grow as a content creator or a live streamer. And then go from there, branch out, see how, what different experiments and try different things. See what happens and see if what works and what doesn't. Because more than times than you'll fail constantly.

But if you fail constantly, you're still learning and figuring out what's not working and trying something new to see eventually what does work and then you'll find success. I know that it was like a, not preachy, but you, but yes, that is it for what I want out to talk about tonight, and hopefully if you find this episode interesting.

Go ahead, like I said before, go ahead, hit the subscribe., go ahead. So, you can get some more episodes that are coming out. And be sure if you are [00:31:00] watching this on YouTube, I have this right here, this little promo. I know it's not correct or it's not fleshed out, but you can find me or this show, the Cliche Crow on Spotify, Apple Podcast, RSS v Google Podcast anywhere and.

The website will be up and running by the time this episode airs. So go ahead and visit the podcast@lecheroad.com and we will see some more of this information. Now if you are thinking about, your own content creation journey, What kind of steps do you plan to do? Let me know in the comments down below, and I'll would love to hear about it, your experiences and what you experience or what you expect out of the streaming platforms for, providing this service.

But until then, have a good night and we'll catch you later.

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