Customizing Your Trovo Experience

now, when you come to, you might have noticed that a couple things have changed if you haven't visited recently within the past oh month or so, a lot has changed with the viewing experience of Let's go ahead and jump right into what has changed and to better tailor your needs and how you want things to. So, by first look, it's going to look almost very similar to how it was in the earlier version, but the only difference the major big difference is over here on the left-hand side, these are what Trovo has called Trovo spaces. Think of them as this quick link into your channels that you follow. these are a little bit easier to see and to have whenever somebody's alive, a little live icon will show up here. And when. There is a message. And I'll show you that in just a second, because they have integrated similar features to a discord server into your channel.

One of the ways that you can customize this listing here on the left is by clicking on or hovering your mouse over where it says following and this little. Menu here. You can go ahead, click on that. And what this will do is set this up and you can go ahead and move these channels, whichever order that you want.

let's say if we want, let's go ahead. Put neon Fox here at the top. Trovo Plaza underneath. We can also put any creator. Let's move them down here. As you can see, you can just change whoever that you, your more favorite streamers that you watch most of the time you can put them at the top of the list.

And once you're done, just go ahead, click on that follow button or hover over it, and then click on that switch to auto sort. Now what auto sorting means is that if a channel is live, I'll be automatically at the top. like I just shown you, you can change it to auto sorting, or you can go to manual where it's however you want it. It's completely up to you how you want to customize this menu on the left hand.

Now, what you'll see here is also for any live channels that you are following. They're going to show up automatically here at the top with this little live icon to help the note that they are live and be more present. When you just quickly look glancing over everything. Let's go ahead into a channel and see exactly what it looks like. let's go into ours here or say mine, we'll get a double inception here. So of course, as alive, you're going to have the video player and I know it's going get a little weird here. Let's scroll down. Your panels just as you normally did before you have your panel set up, depending on how you want to set them up. what you also will have different is this expand. You have a whole section that is very similar to discord. You have, of course your live room, you have an announcement, you have different channels that are text-based channels.

you have an announcement’s introductions. You can set up a rules page, which is very similar to you. Can, you can set it up as using the panel system to make things a little bit easier when you have a, a. When you have a little bit of extra rules or anything that you have set up that you want to showcase.

Now you also have a section here that's just chatting. Of course, these are all fully customizable. You can name them, whatever you want. Now, the extra cool thing here is a video room. This is being slowly rolled out to. A few people, you can also ask within the Trovo space. If you want to be included in the beta testing of this feature, it's not automatically going to be turned on for everyone.

Again, like I said, you must ask to be put into the beta feature or the beta testing. What this is like a YouTube light system within Trovo. You can upload your own videos. You also have a clip section.

Now you won't have uploads available to everybody because that is kind of in a beta testing right now. You'll have to go to the Trovo space and request access into it. But what everyone will have, clips and a section here for past streams. let's just look at the uploads. This is, if you get access into it, you'll be able to upload your own videos to. your Trovo space. It's like a YouTube light kind of system. So here we have, I've already uploaded several videos and it's a very simple process. You just in the upper, you click on the green button that says upload video, upload your video, put in the title all thumbnails. If you want to use that.

And. Upload, and you're pretty much done. You don't have to worry about tags. The only thing that you must worry about is to set up a category. if you play Fortnite, you can set it up to where the category is, Fortnite, because what they are wanting to do in Trovo is take your videos and. Put it inside the categories. So, when someone's scrolling through a category, not only will they be seeing live streams, but they also see clips and they'll also see videos as well. So that's a nice, interesting thing. Now it will be coming down the line once this is opened to more people.

Now that you're seeing how the change is actually very nice on how they have set this up. Yes. When they first set the Trovo space released to the public, it. It ruffled a few feathers because with any kind of change is bad to a lot of people and people are very comfortable in how things are set up and it's gotten.

It's gotten to a point where it's just gone into the background. It's when you go to Trovo it's this is what you expect to see. It's just something that is there. And I remember when Twitch had changed their channel page layout and how much of an upward that cost it's very similar. It there's always going to be that segment of people and streamers.

That are very dead set in their ways. And anything that causes any kind of change is very bad. But I think with this change for Trovo in Trovo space, it's affected, it's a very good process and getting Trovo away from being a live streaming service into more of a live streaming platform where you can gather.

Members your community into one place and you'll have your video, your chat rooms, and your live stream all in one place. Now as my opinion, that's great, but you should not set everything up into one basket. You should not. Your eggs all in one basket, because a lot of us have dealt with the mixer situation years ago and how that affected a lot of people is because they had set everything within mixers ecosystem and when mixers shut down, they didn't have anywhere else to go and they had to start fresh somewhere else and they had to move a community that they built within mixer somewhere else.

It was not a great thing that people went through. And a lot of people do not want to go through that again so I can see with Trovo space. Yes. There is hesitation. But I think given enough time, and if they continue to improve the service, it will catch on and you can have it as an addition to an outside community or a third-party community that you can have say like on TikTok or a discord or a Guilded server. this would be in addition to.

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