Content Creation Workflow

Content Creation Workflow
Photo by Alvaro Reyes / Unsplash

We all have made some attempts at various workflows in regard to content creation. Often times it lasts for around two weeks before we fall victim to being human. This in of itself isn’t a bad thing, it’s a common practice that we all do, and takes an immense amount of practice to keep on track and continue the method we found to be most ideal. You shouldn’t feel like a failure if you’ve gone through various versions and feel like there’s nothing that will keep you on track. You have just found another method that doesn’t work and should try something else, perhaps even breaking things down even simpler could be what you and your brain needs.

I found myself in this path several times and each time I came to find that whatever method I was using, it didn’t really tick all the boxes. I’ve gone back and forth with using Notion, ClickUp, Air Table, and Project.Co and haven’t found a way within each system that I can get comfortable with. One issue I have was that I consistently fight myself with experimenting with these different systems. The solution that I feel to be working for me the most, using Notion and the template from Sam Woodhall. By using his Creator Dashboard I found that the layout and how tasks are serrated out within each category was a positive method that I found myself enjoying. 

By having the perfect setup and system in place, you’re still at the mercy of life. There can be a day in which you find yourself overwhelmed by many external factors that will completely throw your day out the window. Just recently I found myself in this scenario in which a hardware issue with my work computer required me to get in touch with IT. This led to the next several hours going through troubleshooting, resetting the computer countless times, and when finally getting things working again. I was already behind by a few hours in I had spent the remaining time trying to get back on track, while other items had to be placed on the back burner until I got back on track. 

Of course that was the reason why this post is being released much later than I typically do. For me, this is perfectly fine as these blog posts are scheduled for each day and if I happen to miss a day, this isn’t the end of the world. I know with the accelerated workflow for August, I know that after the month is over my schedule will be reverting to a more relaxed format. From setting up a day for thumbnail creation, writing out the week's blog posts that will go to two to three per week, and a day for extracting video highlights and short videos for posting to YouTube and elsewhere. I know myself to not stress the small things as in the big overarching way that I do content. It’s okay to miss a day, the content I do isn’t really the “have to post this right now to be relevant” style. I give myself enough time to go through the content and batch setup days or even weeks in advance. 

The main takeaway from all of this is to work with a system that is comfortable for you. Don’t overthink things as you’ll eventually burn out from trying to remain on schedule. Take your time and breathe between each piece of content you schedule and produce. You’ll find that by taking a more relaxing approach to things, your content will become better and garner more viewer appreciation. 

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