Behind the Scenes of Indie Creator Hub

Behind the Scenes of Indie Creator Hub
Photo by Kilian Seiler / Unsplash

In wanting to bring light into what goes on behind the scene of the channel and blog, I would write out this post to do so. This is to also continue the theme of the week within Bluagust 2023. 

Typically my day starts around eight in the morning, technically it’s when I start my actual work day with the old nine-to-five. The kid is off school for the day and I’m catching up on work emails that came in overnight or during the weekend if it happens to be a Monday. I like to spin up several browser tabs to go over the latest RSS feeds that I read. This is the time I like, getting everything ready before diving into creating the day's blog post. Going over my Notion list is what keeps me somewhat more organized. I have started to batch-set up the posts, videos, and live streams within Notion with the template I mentioned before from Sam Woodhall. 

Writing these blog posts is built not in one go but, with many interruptions from one of our cats. She likes to jump onto my desk, headbutts ensue until she gets her way by cuddling. I don’t mind these moments as they are cute and are a stress relief but, during this time of year, the amount of floating fur shedding from her undercoat is too damn high. After several moments of dealing with the cuteness and wiping down the desk and myself of excess fur, it's time to get back into the writing. During the month of August and enjoying the Blaugust process for the first time, I’m already looking forward to breaking out these posts to a more manageable schedule for the rest of the year and into the next. 

This process continues each day for the blog postings and I break it down in creating thumbnails for the week's upcoming videos and livestreams. Tuesday is when I collate the topics for that night's live stream for The Independent Creator podcast. In trying to keep it within a three topics format, this is for the ease of creating separate videos out of the stream. Also in creating clips to use for TikTok and YouTube Shorts so I can have at least two weeks of content out of one live stream to upload. 

Looking forward to Wednesday as this is a lighter day of organization. Writing out the scheduled blog post and enjoying some things I can get to that I wouldn’t be able to do during the weekends. Not much is done during this day for now, in the future I’m planning to have this day for Starfield streams. Of course, I’ll have to schedule out what actually I’m going to be working on for these streams as I want to have a more functional live stream in order to extract videos eventually. 

Thursday is a double duty depending on the particular week of the month. Continuing the daily blog posts and working on what is to be scheduled for next week. Adding tasks into Notion and getting things scheduled out so I’m not running around unsure of what to do. In the evening is when I produce the Zero Point Report, a podcast dedicated to the game Secret World Legends and to other news from Funcom. After the show, I run the video files through a program called Descript which drops the silent parts of the show and creates a transcript. Typically I can get this done during the time after the show but many times I’ll just push it off to the next day. 

Now the next several days are the busy days of the week as it is the weekend, Projects started or worked on during that day as well as taking care of the normal things around the house like mowing the grass or weeding. Most days I can take care of most of what I’m wanting to do during the weekend. At night there are those scheduled streams and working on the finished videos after the live streams take up the remaining time. This is where the cycle repeats and I work on the following week's content. To some, it might seem a lot but as a solo creator, I don’t have a team in order to pass off the editing and creating videos from the live streams. It would be nice and eventually, I could get there but, for now, everything is done by myself. I try to keep things not so daunting and overwhelming in order for me to not get to the point where burnout takes over. I might change things every once in a while or even take a day or two off. This is important to me that I can be this flexible in the schedule and still have a basic consistent content schedule. 

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