Beginning Blaugust

Beginning Blaugust
Photo by Maxime Horlaville / Unsplash

There have been many occasions in which blogs have risen to the point in which the public would see and read these postings to receive any type of information. Of course with all things, there are peaks and valleys. The public typically gravitates to an easier way of absorbing information. Whether this is through Tik Tok or via YouTube videos, there have always been a subset of people that would rather read a blog post. This is the reason in which I’ve been working on crafting and honing the skills in writing blog posts.

Over the past few years I’ve gone through iterations in which I would go through spurts of creating blog posts and each time I would resort to creating a video that would encapsulate most of not all of the information I would’ve done within written form. I too would fall prey to the easy route which would cause me to self reflect in getting back into the written form.

With Blaugust, I found that I could not really force myself but to focus on creating written works throughout the month of August. I had looked into Blaugust last year but I had only found out about it in the later part of the month of August. Much too late in my mind to truly take advantage of the initiative. There are other things that get oneself into just writing, for example there’s Nanowrimo. A Month long event to get a novel, or get as close to it as you can complete. This was the reason I wanted to get myself off my butt and to actually get started into something that would get me out of my comfort zone, in a way, and to start practicing my writing a lot more.

Not only for that reasoning but to also get more eyes onto this great project for others. With Blaugust, we can bring attention to more blogs and to those writing them. Whether this is to allow more people to see more information than they would’ve found by themselves, Blaugust can also bring more awareness to the written word and to help bring others that might’ve thought they wouldn’t be able to do the full month of content every day. That’s the greatest thing though, you don’t have to do every day of blog posts. Think of it as a way to exercise your brain in creating varying works that help you get a bit better in writing.

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